Battery Module


Our advanced mobility portfolio includes adhesives and resins that make battery modules safer, more durable, and longer-range

The design and assembly of electric vehicle batteries creates enormous challenges and opportunities. We collaborate daily with customers to create batteries that improve overall:

  • Durability
  • Lightweighting
  • Connectivity
  • Safety
  • Range
Our solutions help improve EV battery reliability, performance, and manufacturing.

DuPont adhesives and resins can improve and enable battery manufacturing, assembly, and performance. Whether you need to improve a battery’s crash stability, thermal management performance, light weight, or safety, we can help. Our team includes dedicated researchers, engineers, and product specialists to help with everything from concept design to performance testing.

Our advanced mobility solutions include:

  • Adhesives for thermal management, sealing, crash durability, and multi-material bonding
  • Fabrics for fire barrier and penetration protection
  • Films for thermal management, insulation, high-voltage endurance, and vibration dampening
  • Resins for weight reduction, durability, EMI shielding, and thermal insulation

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