Advanced connectivity influences how drivers and passengers interact with vehicles, infrastructure, and others.

Accurate, upgradeable, and reliable data acquisition systems and electro-mechanical actuators will play an important role in vehicle electrification, charging efficiency, and autonomous driving. We offer innovative resins to help create solutions for advanced connectivity, sensing, and control in vehicles and infrastructure.



Supporting advanced mobility 

Advancements to vehicle connectivity and infrastructure will benefit charging efficiency, durability, and ease of use. And when you work with Celanese, you will have the benefit of our highly experienced engineering team, which offers unparalleled support in product development, testing, and evaluation. Our solutions include:

• High-performance materials for connectors, semiconductors, and circuit boards
• Flame-retardant halogen-free materials
• Light, strong RF-transparent composite structures for 5G environments
• Polymer and aramid high-performance materials
• Solutions for semiconductors and circuit boards
• Semiconductor, interconnect, and advanced packaging materials 




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