Signal electronics


In-vehicle networks, infotainment, and safety information help drivers make better-informed decisions

Advancements in small, accurate, durable solutions — like advanced driver assistance systems, radar systems, and high-resolution cameras — are making enormous improvements. Working in parallel with customers, we’re delivering adhesive and resin solutions that enhance the lifespan and performance of these important innovations. Game-changing next-generation materials are also in the pipeline. Ask us about samples.


See our innovative solutions for long-range exposed and protected/concealed radome.

Our experienced team of engineers, scientists, and market experts is working collaboratively with customers throughout the value chain to meet current needs and address those that are anticipated. Our material solutions include a wide range of resins for high-speed, high-frequency, and 5G applications that are specially formulated to deliver demonstrated results, including:

  • Minimizing energy loss while increasing accuracy
  • Hold mounting position/minimize warping
  • Solutions that combine miniaturization, frequency transparency, and reliability
  • Multi-functional materials that combine high-speed data transmission capabilities with mechanical strength, flame retardancy, dimensional stability, and aesthetics
  • Stretchable conductors and dielectrics for in-mold electronics

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