Electrical & Electronics


Increasing demand for high-performance, connected vehicles is driving innovative electrical solutions

Our Advanced Mobility initiative includes electrical materials specifically for hybrid and electric vehicles. We also offer a broad range of solutions for electrification and connectors that withstand extreme temperatures, high impact, vibration, and corrosive fluids while performing over a vehicle’s lifetime.


Innovative connectivity solutions

As more consumer electronics find their way onboard in vehicles, the need for advanced electrical support increases. Simultaneously, the need for lightweight, low-emission solutions also drives innovation.

We make materials that ensure the long-lasting durability of electronic systems, including in-vehicle networks, infotainment, and advanced safety. Typical applications include:

  • Connectors
  • Motors, relays & switches
  • Sensors & solenoids
  • Electric control units
  • Gears for electric vehicles
  • High-voltage wire harness connectors
  • Ignition systems
  • High- & extra-high-voltage battery cables, traction motors, & power electronics
  • Fuel cells
  • Interior electronics
  • Advanced driver assistance systems

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Hybrid & electric vehicle battery modules

Whether you need to improve crash worthiness, thermal management, weight savings, safety, or assembly, we can help

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Hybrid & electric vehicle power & motors

We offer innovative solutions for thermal management, durability, acoustics, and lightweighting

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Sensors & solenoids

Our high-performance resins enable multi-functional solutions like high-speed data transmission and mechanical strength