Automotive Connectors


Our innovative materials enable connectors to reliably transmit data, power, and signals and conform to industry standards

Connector manufacturers aim to provide high-quality electrical and electronic interconnection products that electrically and mechanically join wires and cables, printed circuit boards, integrated circuit packages, and batteries. Our experts work collaboratively with customers to find answers to their connectivity challenges.


Reliability, durability, performance, and safety…among other benefits

For interior connectors, our materials are customized for safety restraint systems, sealing, and high-speed data transmission with processing benefits of more flow and shorter cycle time. 

For under-the-hood connectors, our solutions are designed to build easy-to-mold connectors that meet stringent OEM and industry requirements for electrical, thermal, and mechanical performance. 

For electric vehicles, our advanced materials provide high-voltage performance, miniaturization, reliability, and safety in stable orange. 

For connectors in electronic assemblies in transmission control units or safety-related applications such as airbag and anti-lock systems, our portfolio provides drop-in solutions for grades with inorganic heat- stabilized packages that prevent electrolytic corrosion and reduce risk of premature failure. 


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