Advanced Driver Assistance Systems


Materials to make vehicles safer and help drivers make better-informed decisions

Advancements in small, accurate, durable solutions—like advanced driver assistance systems, radar systems, and high-resolution cameras, as well as in-vehicle networks, infotainment, and safety information—rely on materials that enhance the lifespan and performance of these innovations. Plus, next-generation solutions are in the pipeline to enable even more advancements. Ask us for samples. 


Better connections, better signals

Our experienced team of technical experts works collaboratively with automotive OEMs and their suppliers to supply ready-made and custom solutions for automotive sensing, communication, and information systems that require:

  • Extreme durability
  • High frequency
  • High dimensional stability
  • Chemical resistance
  • 5G performance

Plus, Celanese solutions for ADAS and signal electronics:

  • Minimize energy loss while increasing accuracy
  • Reliably hold mounting position and minimize warping
  • Combine miniaturization, frequency transparency, and reliability

Our multi-functional materials deliver (high-speed data transmission capabilities with mechanical strength, flame retardancy, dimensional stability, and aesthetics. And our materials enable stretchable conductors and dielectrics for in-mold electronics, giving automakers more design freedom than ever. 


See our innovative solutions for long-range exposed and protected/concealed radome.


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