Anti-Vibration & Suspension Systems


Our structural and damping solutions help improve vehicle handling, acoustics, durability, and safety

We offer resins, elastomers, and specialty adhesives customized to the challenging environments where anti-vibration and suspension systems must perform. We will be glad to show you how these solutions also help support vehicle stiffness, which provides further acoustical and handling benefits.


Improved noise, vibration, and harshness performance

As vehicles become a place where people work and relax while they travel, acoustics become increasingly important. Optimal management of noise, vibration, and harshness improves the driver and passenger experience. We’re focused on providing advanced testing and analytics that demonstrate the benefits of our material performance in applications like these: 

• Air suspension system top mounts
• Brackets & linkages
• Bushings
• Couplers for drive shaft & steering column
• Cradles, brackets, and mounts for battery/electric vehicles
• Cross beams
• Exhaust hangers
• Engine & transmission mounts
• Hydro mounts
• Pulleys
• Roll bars
• Torsional vibration dampers


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