Fluid Management Tubing & Quick Connectors


Look to Celanese for fluid management line solutions for increasingly complex BEVs, hybrid, fuel cell, & ICE vehicles.

Our array of materials to support automotive fluid management systems are designed to increase the durability and safety of EVs and other vehicles. Even in contact with water, glycol, auto transmission fluids, and dielectric fluids, our materials provide long-term chemical resistance and effective fluid management. 


Innovative products for all propulsion systems

Our experience supporting manufacturers of fluid management systems for EVs, hybrid, and internal combustion engines pays off for you in shorter development times, improved manufacturing efficiency, and superior products.

Zytel® long-chain polyamides exhibit excellent hydrolysis resistance at elevated temperatures. They enable high flexibility for mono- or multi-layer tubing when used with thermoplastic olefins such as TPV EPDM/PP as alternatives to metal pipes and EPDM rubber cooling lines.


Compatibility with new EV fluids

Vamac® AEM is a proven elastomer solution for high-temperature and flexible oil cooler hoses and seals, and is compatible with different types of oils, including new EV fluids.

Quick connectors made with reinforced materials such as Zytel® PA66GF, Zytel® HTN PPA GF, or Zytel® LCPA GF complete the fluid management lines and offer an integrated full-polymer solution.


Sustainable solutions

With materials based on renewable resources and a multi-layer solution that can reduce Global Warming Potential, our solutions play a key role in helping OEMs reach their sustainability goals.


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