Safety Restraint Systems


Reliable—yet lightweight and durable—components for life-saving systems in automobiles

In an auto accident, safety restraint systems must work without exception because lives are at stake. For over 40 years, DuPont has joined forces with automakers to reduce injuries and fatalities with robust materials for seatbelt and airbag systems. 


Safety you can rely on—and more

In addition to providing materials for crash-durable components in safety restraint systems, DuPont materials help automakers achieve their goals for lightweighting and sustainability. 

Automakers around the globe turn to DuPont’s portfolio of tough resin solutions for seatbelt system components, including:

  • Retractor
  • Push button
  • Pillar loop
  • Height adjustor

Plus, the DuPont product portfolio provides airbag system solutions for:

  • Airbag cover
  • Airbag canister

Case studies and resources

Discover how DuPont products solve automotive manufacturing challenges. 


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