Future Cabin Concepts


The future of transportation will be more about the ride and less about the drive. We help you make the transition.

Autonomous vehicles are on the horizon, electric vehicles are the new reality, and both bring new challenges for design teams and manufacturers. One thing will not change; consumers still will want vehicles that pair comfort with safety, function with reliability.

For over six decades, our proven materials have helped drive innovation in the automotive industry. This deep bedrock of experience and expertise, plus our ongoing research and development, can help you turn moonshot designs into reality.


Advanced interiors require advanced materials

From ADAS to electrification and from touch screens to projected graphics, cars are already complex. Our portfolio of advanced materials delivers interior automotive solutions that support designs for:

  • Integrated active/passive safety systems
  • More intuitive automotive features
  • Aesthetics combined with function
  • Low VOC and anti-viral formulations
  • Solutions resistant to cleaning chemicals
  • More sustainable options to help reduce vehicle Global Warming Potential
  • Industry-leading CAE support to enable end-of-life recycling
  • Enhanced passenger comfort by reducing NVH 
  • Thermal management

Explore how our proven materials solutions can help transform your interior automotive concepts from ideas on the screen to products on your manufacturing line.


Centers of Excellence

We can help you advance automotive design and manufacturing

Teams at our global Centers of Excellence for Automotive Electrification have the expertise that can identify and create solutions for even your most difficult challenges.

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