Charge Air Coolers


Our proven high-performance polymer solutions offer wide resistance to temperature, chemicals, and hydrolysis

As engines continue to be downsized to achieve better efficiency and weight savings, they are getting hotter and pressures are increasing, especially with the growth of turbo charging. Plastics are becoming more widely used and Celanese polymers perform well in these hot, aggressive under-the-hood environments.


Reduce weight, fuel, and emissions

Components in charge air coolers and I2CAC must accommodate wide temperature variations, hot air under pressure, and vibration and mechanical stresses for long periods of time. Flexibility and durability are also important, so ducts and hoses often combine rigid and flexible sections.

Celanese advanced plastics and elastomers are playing an increasingly important role in key air management system parts, including charge air coolers. They can lower weight by as much as 50 percent and reduce costs by up to 20 percent compared to metal counterparts, while providing outstanding heat and fluid-aging resistance.


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