Fuel & Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems


Technology that boosts efficiency, while reducing the size of gas and diesel engines, helps lower emissions and improve fuel economy. 

More than 65% of energy loss happens within the engine, so we are focusing on heat-, pressure-, and chemical-resistant elastomers to make engine components lighter.


Improving engine efficiency

Recent changes in engine technology, including turbochargers, exhaust gas recirculation loops, selective catalytic reduction, bio-fuels and high-pressure direct fuel injection, have led to new requirements for under-the-hood components, including ducts, hoses, and seals that can tolerate more extreme chemicals. 

Our materials for fuel and selective catalytic reduction systems support lightweighting, resistance to chemically-aggressive fuels – including biofuel – and offer exceptional durability. They can replace metal fuel systems in gas and diesel engines. We also offer innovative solutions for hybrid fuel tanks, fuel filler pipes, and fuel caps. 

Typical applications include:

  • Fuel injector 
  • Fuel flange 
  • Fuel rail 
  • Fuel line connector 
  • Fuel pump 
  • Air condition tubing 
  • Injector of selective catalytic reduction system 
  • Fuel filler pipe 
  • Fuel cap (capless solution) 

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