Propulsion Cooling


Our solutions help manage complexities in coolant circuits and components that result from increasing hybridization

Internal combustion engines are cooled by complex air and liquid cooling systems that manage the flow of hot air and coolants and house critical thermal management components. Our resins provide good resistance to fatigue and chemicals, dimensional stability, and jump port functionality to enable the design of parts that provide advanced temperature performance and weight reduction. 


Materials advancements for better thermal management

Our advanced materials science enables the development of plastics solutions that address critical customer concerns, including:

  • Increased electrification
  • High-temperature performance, durability, and chemical resistance 
  • Electrical and electronics compatibility
  • Laser welding and marking
  • Lightweighting
  • Dimensional stability
  • Surface gloss  

In addition, Celanese offers integration ideas and processing expertise for:

  • Complex shapes with integrated functions
  • Electronic control variable flow vs. on-off
  • Electrical pumps, multi-control valves, thermostat housing, thermal management system
  • Lower flash for joints


Innovative advancements

New ideas and materials are also in development for e-mobility propulsion cooling applications in high voltage batteries, e-motors, and power electronics on new electric vehicles. Contact us to learn how we can help you address your propulsion cooling challenges.


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