Turbo Air Ducts, Hoses, Cuffs & Resonators


Enhance engine performance, emissions reduction, and lightweighting with our rigid, flexible, and elastomeric polymers

Thermoplastics and thermosets offer unlimited potential for replacing metal in under-the-hood applications and clamped connections. Welded components can reduce weight by up to 50% and cost by up to 30%. Our materials are specified for rigid and flexible air management applications such as turbo ducts, hoses, tubing, sealing, resonators, manifolds, turbocharger parts, air filters and mixers. 


High-performance polymer-based solutions for turbo charged engines

Celanese air induction portfolio enables one consolidated part to replace several metal/rubber/plastic components clamped together versus an all-welded solution in pure internal combustion engines and in new hybrid electrical vehicles.

 All thermoplastic grades are process-friendly for use with existing blow molding, injection molding and/or extrusion equipment, and are regrind-friendly during the production process with negligible impact on final properties and productivity. 

Subhead: Advanced engineering and testing support

Celanese partners with customers along the value chain in all regions to provide:

  • Material selection to support OEM specification
  • Advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computer Aided Design (CAD) expertise, and modeling for design guidance
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to predict thermal profiles in turbo ducts and bellows.
  • Welding equipment, cataloged design/expertise, and weld strength testing
  • Processing support such as full pilot 3D suction blow molding production capabilities that replicate global customers’ processing conditions to speed prototyping and produce finished parts for validation testing and qualification
  • Starting formulations for AEM elastomer compounds that are compatible with different textile reinforcement/fibers used for hoses 
  • New product development (better chemical resistance, higher temperature, higher durability and fatigue, better NVH) and process-based evaluations
  • Lab testing and analysis to provide OEM, Tier I and Tier II data to help evaluate performance, failure modes, product confirmation versus pirate material, formulation assistance, and testing our customers cannot accomplish   

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