More than 100 grades for high performance in unlimited applications

With more than 100 formulations available, Crastin® Polybutylene Terepthalate is the resin of choice for cost-effective performance across a wide spectrum of automotive, industrial, and consumer applications.

Designers and engineers for everything from automotive electrification to cosmetics packaging rely on Crastin® for stiffness and toughness, superior electrical insulation, and exceptional surface finishes. It’s also preferred over other materials for its excellent dimensional properties, stability versus moisture and its heat resistance.


Versatile and easy to process

Crastin®  is extremely versatile. It’s available in FDA and EU approved grades for food and cosmetics applications.

Crastin® grades are also offered that meet the most stringent electrical insulation standards (EIS) and enables Celanese to offer the industry’s largest portfolio of materials pre-approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and recognized to International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards.

Plus, Crastin® offers manufacturers the advantage of superior flow qualities. It’s easy to process on conventional injection molding equipment. And, we offer a wide range of grades designed specifically for low warpage, hydrolysis resistance, blow molding, and extrusion.

Made globally in three regions, Crastin® is available wherever you are.



Stiffness and high strength icon

Stiffness and high strength

Innovate better mechanical gears, furniture, sporting goods, appliances, and more with the strength and stiffness of Crastin®.

Electrical insulation properties icon

Electrical insulation properties

Crastin® is ideal for electrical and electronic plastics, encapsulation materials, and photovoltaic panels and parts.

Excellent dimensional properties and stability vs. moisture icon

Excellent dimensional properties and stability vs. moisture

With its stability in the presence of moisture, Crastin® is ideal for automotive, appliance, and medical device applications.

Heat resistance icon

Heat resistance

High heat resistance makes Crastin® the resin of choice for applications that require durability in high temperatures.

Easy to process icon

Easy to process

Reduce cycle times for increased cost efficiency, reduce molding machine size due to lower filling pressure, and lower energy consumption during molding with Crastin®.


We’re the R&D partner you’ve always wanted

When you partner with us, you get access to decades of  expertise and ongoing support from our teams of engineers, scientists, and designers. We’re ready to share our know-how and collaborate with you on solutions for your toughest design and manufacturing challenges.

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