Push the boundaries of design and scale with Micromax™ materials for high-performance electronics.

In a broad range of applications—from 5G communications and automotive to advanced packaging and healthcare devices—Micromax™ thick film pastes, inks, and tapes allow designers to create more advanced products than ever. Our 60-year history of innovation means options for you that are printable, flexible, stretchable, and durable in harsh environments.


High reliability and versatility

Micromax materials provide high reliability across different substrates, operating environments, temperatures, and metallizations. Our extensive portfolio of material systems with proven compatibility includes:

  • Hybrid circuit materials
    • Thick film resistor materials
    • Laser-structurable pastes
    • Conductive materials for hybrid circuits
    • Dielectric and encapsulant materials
  • Passive component materials
    • Screenprinted resistive materials
    • Terminations and electrodes for capacitors
    • Thick film multi-layer capacitor materials
  • Low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) materials
    • MicromaxGreenTape
  • Printed electronic materials
    • Inkjet silver conductive inks
    • Low-temperature electronic inks
    • Material for self-limiting heaters
    • Membrane touch switch materials
    • In-mold electronic technology
    • Biosensor materials
    • Stretchable inks for wearable electronics
Your Strategic Partner

We’re more than a materials supplier

We customize Micromax products for batches large and small. Turn to us for:

  • Expertise in metals, glass, and ceramic chemistry
  • Application engineering
  • Inorganic chemistry
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