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We invented nylon more than 70 years ago. Today, we continue to refine and expand our Zytel® range of polyamides to deliver solutions to manufacturers around the globe, and across a broad spectrum of end-use industries.

Zytel® polyamide resins deliver high-performance benefits ranging from stiffness to heat resistance. Manufacturers of everything from automobiles to consumer electronics rely on Zytel® whenever they have an application demanding high performance.

Have a difficult new project? Reach out to our material science and application development experts. Our experience with polyamide extends to the moment it was invented. We’ll find an answer to your challenge.



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Electrical & Electronics

Zytel® PA provides a lightweight, strong, and chemical-resistant solution for many E&E applications.

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Automotive engineers rely on Zytel® nylon in critical systems that power vehicles.

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Consumer electronics

From handheld devices to household appliances, Zytel® provides good looks and durability.



Chemical and fatigue resistance make Zytel® an obvious choice for medical applications.

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Stiffness and strength, even when exposed to heat and chemicals, make Zytel® ideal for industrial applications.

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Choose Zytel® when you need a strong, UV-resistant material for photovoltaic panels.

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Sporting goods

Lightweight, high-performance Zytel® can handle even the toughest sporting goods challenges.

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Wire and cable

Zytel® combines hardness, high-temperature performance, and chemical resistance for wire and cable applications.


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