Build better dishwashers with component materials that provide long-lasting durability and quiet operation

Commercial and residential dishwashers are expected to perform under demanding conditions, day after day. Our portfolio of thermoplastic and nylon resins helps you deliver appliances that provide reliability through every wash, rinse, and dry cycle. 


Your partner for technical solutions

Looking for expert support from your material supplier? Our global R&D teams are here to partner with you on all your dishwasher innovations, including:

  • Insulators with outstanding mechanical properties that enable metal and thermoset replacement
  • Electric diffusor covers, valve support, and drain pumps that meet regulatory requirements, including UL, GWIT, and GWFI
  • Mechanism parts with excellent wear and friction performance for part longevity and quiet operation
  • Seals and gaskets with high performance at temperatures ranging from -40°C to 120°C

Proven performers

Our Zytel® solutions are suitable for snap-fit assembly processes and are proven to provide excellent processability to improve productivity and enable complex part designs. Also, Hytrel® materials are proven to provide the softness and flexibility of rubber along with good chemical resistance, impact strength, and tear/flex fatigue resistance.


Case studies and related content

Discover how our materials are helping advance dishwashers and other home appliances. 


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