Small kitchen appliances


With our materials, your small kitchen appliances will blend, mix, grind, steam, and heat with reliability and durability

From blenders and mixers to coffee makers and rice cookers, our extensive line of materials offers solutions that help you build reliable, durable, and stylish small kitchen appliances. 


Your partner for small kitchen appliance technical solutions

Looking for expert support from your material supplier? Our global R&D teams are here to partner with you on all your small kitchen appliance innovations, including:

  • Coffee machine internal structural parts and pot handle
  • Coffee grinder gears, silent gears, and portafilter locator
  • Food processor and blender base parts, drive gears, impeller/agitator, and dough hood
  • Rice cooker induction heating frame

Case studies and resources

Discover how our materials advance small kitchen appliances and more. 


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