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Performance for the patient—this is our ambition, motivation, and aspiration. We’re not satisfied with anything less.

Celanese provides trusted resins for smarter healthcare and positive patient outcomes. We understand your technical, processing, and regulatory challenges.

Our cost-effective solutions offer design flexibility, performance, and durability. And like you, we’re dedicated to smart, safe, and sustainable healthcare.  


A proven track record

For decades, Celanese resins have been a material of choice for medical applications because of their ability to provide high performance when it comes to chemical resistance, sterilization, wear and friction, creep-resistance or barrier properties.

We’re proud to have a proven track record that supports medical device development with predictive engineering capabilities for processing optimization and part integration. Our design and engineering expertise, testing capabilities, and collaborative nature have helped device manufacturers around the world advance their designs. 

Safe, sustainable medical-grade resins

Turn to Celanese for high-performance resins that:

  • Reduce the risk of medical device malfunction through superior friction reduction, and mechanical properties that extend the service life
  • Reduce material consumption by enabling thin-wall designs that provide an optimal balance between processing behavior and mechanical properties
  • Show compliance with Biocomp ISO10993 and USP class VI
  • Follow stringent Management of Change (MoC) processes and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Have low-carbon emission variants in virgin-healthcare quality— including renewable attributed and sourced materials—that help manufacturers reduce the carbon footprint (GWP) of their products and contribute to the achievement of their sustainability goals

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