Drug Delivery Devices


Discover why Celanese is a trusted global supplier of medical-grade resins.

Drug delivery devices like injector pens and wearables must be reliable 100% of the time. With a 30-year track record of providing safe, high-performance materials to the healthcare industry, Celanese has the technical and regulatory expertise to help take your healthcare and medical products from design to market.


Products patients want to use

As the healthcare industry innovates with devices that make home-care and self-administration more convenient and safer, Celanese medical-grade resins enable MedTech and Pharma companies to design devices that provide the next level of:

  • Safety—our solutions offer superior creep performance that reduce the risk of incorrect dosing from drug spills
  • Comfort of use—our resins with superior friction performance reduce the push force necessary to unleash injection mechanisms
  • Reduced environmental impact—in the form of renwably attributed (RA) and renewably sourced (RS) offerings that show significantly lower CO2 emissions (GWP) than fossil-based variants
  • Cost performance—a result of solutions that enable wall-thickness reductions, cycle time reductions, and lower yield losses due to superior aesthetics

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