Medical & Surgical Equipment


Trust is a key component of every piece of medical and surgical equipment. 

Lives and health are on the line every time medical and surgical equipment is used. Our performance materials are tested for safety, reliability, and durability to help you reduce risk. Plus, they allow for maximium design freedom that makes medical and surgical equipment light and easy to use. 


Deliver better care with Celanese solutions

When used for clamps, connectors, retractors, gears, bearings, casings, triggers, and containers, Celanese Crastin® and Zytel® solutions help manufacturers of medical and surgical equipment deliver:

  • Lightweight ergonomic designs
  • Reliable function and activation forces
  • Moving components with low noise
  • Safety and tamper-resistant features

Celanese Hytrel®—ideal for covers, grip handles, tubing, gowns, and advanced wound care—provides:

  • Lightweight moisture-wicking comfort
  • Protection from contamination
  • Flexibility and puncture- and tear-resistance

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