Prosthetics & Patient Assistance


Prosthetics have the power to change lives; our resins have the power to make them better than ever. 

Prosthetics and specialty devices like mobility aids are more than products—for users, they’re what keeps them active with their families, within communities, and at work.

Celanese materials designed for performance, longevity, and comfort help create products that enable people to move through every day with ease—wherever they go.


Advance your design with proven solutions

Manufacturers of prosthetics and patient mobility aids—as well as seat backs and armrests—are on a continual quest to improve performance, comfort, and durability. Our materials help them create products that:

  • Provide a natural range of motion for millions of cycles
  • Make little or no noise during movement
  • Are waterproof and cleanable
  • Allow extended wear with reduced skin sensitization

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