Barrier resins


Protect food, prevent spoilage, extend shelf life, and reduce waste.

The right food packaging must survive the rigors of shipping, material handling, and storage of packaged food, as well as protect from external elements, contamination, heat, and physical damage. We offer a unique solution that provides oxygen barrier properties both when wet and chilled—the perfect choice for flavor-sensitive refrigerated foods and beverages.


Selar® amorphous nylon barrier resin solves your food handling challenges

Whether consumers choose your food from supermarket shelves or have it delivered to their door, Celanese Selar® amorphous barrier resin helps protect food and keep it fresh. Food manufacturers around the globe turn to this innovative solution for its:

  • Excellent gas barrier (O2, N2, CO2) especially at high humidity and refrigerated conditions
  • Very good moisture barrier
  • Ability to enhance the clarity, impact, and thermoformability of Nylon 6 film
  • Resistance to UV
  • Resistance to grease/oil and a wide range of chemicals
  • Flavor preservation
  • Food contact compliance
  • Excellent processability

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