Cosmetics packaging


Our cosmetics packaging solutions meet your exacting demands and enhance customer experience.

Cosmetics buyers want products with packaging that reflects style and prestige, as well as provides assurance that the product inside is of high quality. Celanese has a range of polymers that delivers these benefits—from soft elastomers to rigid engineering plastics.


Quality Feel and Flawless Function

Getting the feel of quality and packaging that functions flawlessly starts with selecting the right materials. Our portfolio of performance materials has the properties you seek for your cosmetics packaging, including options that provide:

  • Stiffness for a quality feel
  • High gloss for luxurious appearance
  • Softness for smooth makeup application
  • Superior chemical resistance

Case studies and related content

See how Celanese performance materials are being used by global cosmetics manufacturers to present their products with beauty, style, and prestige.


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