Sporting goods


Our starting lineup of high-performance materials lets you take sporting goods to the next level. 

Athletes and sports enthusiasts always ask for more. Of themselves. Of their sport. Of the products they trust. Inspired by their drive, we are forever pushing the limits of what flexible, impact resistant, and easy-to-process Celanese thermoplastics can do for sporting goods, athletes, and their world. 


We’re the R&D partner you always wanted

When you partner with us, you get access to decades of ongoing support from our teams of engineers, scientists, and designers. We’re ready to share our wins in sport-ready materials and collaborate with you on solutions that continue to change the game.

Plus, we help you achieve short- and long-term sustainability goals. Our innovation culture embraces green chemistry principles which guide everything we do in pursuit of our purpose—to empower the world with the essential innovations to thrive.

Sustainability in Action

Our commitment to sustainability is backed by action.

Every day, we move closer to meeting our 2030 Sustainability Goals by innovating new materials and collaborating with customers to help solve their biggest challenges.

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Our polymer solutions are formulated to handle weather and impact while also helping athletes and hobbyists to look their best.


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