For every shoe, for every sport, Celanese performance polymers elevate reliability, durability, and comfort.

Our advanced materials provide outstanding dimensional stability, fatigue resistance, insulation, flexibility, and easy fit with a nearly weightless feel. They’re proven performers for nearly all footwear components, including outsole, insole, and midsole; tongue and laces; torsion bar and sole plate; buckles, eyelets, zippers, and bindings.


Your partner for technical solutions

Looking for expert support from your material supplier? Our global R&D teams are here to partner with you on all your footwear innovations, including:

  • Design and prototyping
  • Computer-aided engineering
  • Optimizing manufacturing processes
  • Bespoke material development
  • Advanced testing

Case studies and related content

See how Celanese materials help footwear makers stay a step ahead of the competition.


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