For e-bikes that are lightweight, innovative, strong, and durable, turn to our proven solutions.

Whether your e-bike is designed to carry commuters, climb mountains, or haul cargo, the safety and comfort of riders depends on the reliability of your bike’s components. Our solutions provide high performance for e-motors, batteries, structural and comfort components, accessories, and other essential components.


We have you covered for every component of your e-bike.

Engineering plastics, elastomers and foamable polymers—our material solutions help you design and produce e-bike components that are:

  • Lightweight, yet stiff and strong
  • Weather resistant in extreme heat and cold
  • Resilient with better rebound
  • Aesthetically desirable with good surface finish 

DuPont materials are cost-effective due to shorter cycle times. Solutions are available that are laser markable, electrically friendly, flame retardant, and heat stabilized. To help you meet sustainability goals, we also have developed materials containing recycled content.

Plus, our research and development team can assist you with processing and prototyping support! Our expertise in material handling, 3D printing, injection molding, and hot-plate welding, as well as troubleshooting, can help you get your e-bikes to market faster and with less trial-and-error.

Sustainability in Action

Our commitment to sustainability is backed by action.

Every day, we move closer to meeting our 2030 Sustainability Goals by innovating new materials and collaborating with customers to help solve their biggest challenges.

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