Wearable Devices


Empower athletes to go the extra mile with wearable tech that is lighter, softer, and more durable.

Today’s wearable devices monitor biometrics and apply machine learning to inform the strongest, safest workouts. Celanese performance polymers and solutions enable comfortable, reliable performance and flexible, sustainable design. 


Get access to high-performance materials

Our wearable tech materials are UV stable and chemically resistant. They deliver soft-touch comfort and handle sweat in stride. Low-density solutions lighten the load and reduce environmental impact. Sophisticated components provide excellent sound control and sensory haptics for accurate activity tracking.


Get access to expertise that can help advance your innovations

Looking for expert support from your material supplier? Our global R&D teams are here to partner with you on all your wearable device innovations, including:

  • Earbuds, headlamps, and other head-worn devices
  • Smart watches, GPS, activity trackers, clips, and straps
  • Performance sensors for athletic wear
  • Foot pods and smart shoes

Case studies and related content

See how Celanese materials help makers of wearable sports devices stay ahead of the competition. 


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