Winter Sports


Get polymers designed to perform in low temperatures—and provide tensile strength, flexibility, and support.

Celanese materials flex with the slopes and on the ice to provide the comfort, support, and tensile strength winter sport enthusiasts need to stay in the moment at every turn. Our performance polymers are specially engineered to maintain their functional properties in extremely cold temperatures and offer water resistance on or off the ice and snow. 


Get access to experts who can help advance your innovations

Looking for expert support from your material supplier? Our global R&D teams are here to partner with you on all your winter sports innovations, including:

  • Snow board top layer, inner layer, and tip
  • Ice skate buckle, eyelet, blade support, and shell
  • Snow boot rear spoiler, buckle, and strap
  • Cross-country ski binding lock and base, shoe energy management, collar,  strap, and buckle
  • Ski pole handle and basket
  • Step-in binding base and lock
  • Snow shovel handle and blade
  • Ice axe buckle component and handle
  • Ice crampon buckle, lock, and base

Case studies and related content

See how Celanese materials help makers of winter sports gear stay ahead of the competition. 


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