Electronic Connectors


Robust materials that enable SMT connectors to reliably transmit data, power, and signal while conforming to stringent standards

As miniaturization, aesthetics and multi-functionality continue to drive material for electric circuits and SMT connectors, so does high-speed IoT connectivity and adherence to industry regulations. Our renewably sourced, high-flow materials perform with excellent strength, molding capabilities, and heat resistance.


Our materials make higher performing SMT connectors possible

Today’s designers and engineers specify SMT connector housing materials based on a variety of criteria from final application to functional and environmental demands. To respond, we’re creating new SMT material technology to specifically address the needs of surface-mount reflow processing conditions from more recycled materials and bio-content to lead-free reflow soldering, design flexibility and flammability compliance.

Zytel® HTN polyamide resin is specially formulated for high-performance SMT connector applications. HTN bridges the performance gap between nylon and more expensive specialty polymers while maintaining ease of processing. For excellent high-temperature properties and exceptional moisture resistance, specify Zytel® HTN.

Additional Zytel® HTN benefits include:

• Improved safety: UL 94 V-0 flammability rating
• Superior flow and high CTI (Comparative Tracking Index) of 600V.
• Increased productivity: Better reflow performance and higher weld line strength than existing competitive offerings.
• No blistering at SMT reflow temperatures of 280°C. The improved weld line strength also helps to reduce breakages.
• The combination of superior flow and better weld line strength provides increased design flexibility for miniaturized components such as multi-pins, fine pitch and low height connectors.
• Faster, easier assembly
• Cost effectiveness: Less injection moulding machine corrosion when compared to PA 9T and PA 4T based products. The very low mould deposit also reduces tool maintenance. 


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Our high-performance resins and thermoplastics address real-life needs and issues, from safety and sustainability to connectivity that is both high-speed and reliable.


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