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From material stiffness in notebook covers to aesthetics in today’s most popular 5G handheld electronic devices and upscale wearable technology

We empower partners all over the globe by chemically engineering the lightweight strength, feel, beauty and critical design flexibility they need to drive consumer preferences in the highly competitive marketplace for handheld devices and wearable devices marketplace. What’s your next challenge? Let’s solve it together.


Solutions as plentiful as the consumer devices they serve

Consumer handheld and wearable devices are everywhere. And for every laptop, tablet, smartphone or video game, there’s a vast spectrum of Celanese material-grade innovations that help make these devices lighter to carry, nicer to touch, harder to break and more fashionable and stylish. And that’s not all. We’re also responding to partner needs for increased material flow and design freedom, greater flame resistance, friendly environmental protection and enhanced processing efficiency. What’s your next project?



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Specialty materials that enable cutting-edge design and high-performance components, from structural frames, antenna splits and connectors to adapters and cables

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Soft-touch, structural materials enabling lighter, thinner, sustainable designs for covers, connectors, cables, adapters, bezels, and speaker parts

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Material technology enabling durable, comfortable, high-performance solutions, including housings, rotating mechanism components, and watch bands

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AR/VR Devices

A range of high-stiffness, high-impact, elastomeric materials for lighter, thinner, reliable frames, housings, soft-touch parts and components


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Through partner collaborations, we convert electronic material science into practical, real-life consumer electronic devices that are lighter, easy to hold, more stylish and environmentally friendly.