Defogger and Defroster Systems


Material Solutions for Defogger and Defroster Systems

Automotive OEMs depend on material solutions from Celanese to develop sophisticated defogger and defroster systems to meet the highest standards and expectations for reliability and performance.

Drivers count on defogger and defroster systems to deliver peace-of-mind, convenience and safety. 

Celanese has been supplying materials for defogger and defroster systems since they were first introduced in the auto market, more than 30 years ago. Today, Celanese offers a wide range of silver-based thick film pastes for use in all types of defogger and defroster systems. These pastes are designed to deliver the best chemical and mechanical  resistance/performance vs. backlight cost, thanks to lower ink laydown, fine line capability and denser fired film.

For glass

Glass is the most popular base material for backlights and sidelights today. Celanese offers two or three blend members for each defogger/defroster paste family for a robust manufacturing process and wide process window, either in-line or batch. These paste members are fully compatible with industry standard enamels, terminations and clips.

For polycarbonate

As the automotive industry looks for higher fuel efficiency and implements new products and technologies to make cars lighter, polycarbonate-based backlights and sidelights are being introduced. Celanese has developed a family of silver-based polymeric thick film inks fully compatible with polycarbonate substrates, delivering the same comfort and safety drivers enjoy with glass windows today.

Celanese backs its extensive product range with in-depth manufacturing knowledge and customization expertise, and works with customers to develop solutions to meet all types of production needs.


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