Electronic Materials for Sensors


Electronic Materials for Sensors

Sensors play an increasingly important role in everyday life, helping to protect our health and homes, provide improved performance across a range of devices, and create human-machine interfaces that attract and engage..

Celanese manufactures a wide variety of materials and solutions for a host of sensor applications, including innovations in automotive control, biomedical and wearable devices, motion control, touch, and fluid level sensors.

Ceramic hybrid sensor materials from Celanese are used in sensor applications that require a small footprint, high levels of reliability, and top performance in the most challenging environments. For example, a broad range of military, automotive, satellite, aerospace and consumer applications are based on ceramic hybrid sensor technologies from Celanese.

Polymer and ceramic thick film technologies from Celanese enable high density, high reliability and excellent performance. These unique materials enable smaller, faster, thinner, and more reliable electronics, able to withstand all types of conditions.

Celanese printed polymer sensor materials provide strong adhesion and high conductivity, and are light-weight and fast curing. They’re featured in a wide variety of applications, ranging from consumer electronics to ATMs, gas pumps, and human-machine interfaces on a variety of devices.


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