Material solutions driving the next generation of lighter, thinner, more sustainable laptop designs

From lighter, more durable covers, bezels and soft-touch materials that stand up to the abuse of daily use, to connectors and internal components that can take the heat of more processing power in smaller spaces, our thermoplastics empower designers to push the limits of laptop material, performance, and sustainability. 


Trend-setting laptop material technology, backed Celanese expertise

Our high-performance resins and thermoplastics do more than solve challenges, they help you set trends: In aesthetics with thin, colorful designs and soft-touch materials; in reliability with high fatigue-resistant materials that can stand up to years of repeated use; and in sustainability with renewably sourced and bio-based material offerings.

Plus, with Celanese Engineered Materials you get access to our material scientists, application developers and engineers, in addition to our extensive testing capabilities. We can help you identify new needs and solutions. We can aid in your laptop materials research and new parts development to help you deliver the capabilities and savings required by the next generation of consumer devices and laptop computers.

Key material solutions for laptops:

• High stiffness, high flow, low deformation materials for covers and frames
• High flow, high toughness resins for surface-mount connectors
• Low signal attenuation – isotropic shrinkage, post shrinkage, and CLTE
• High strength and high fatigue-resistant resins for keyboards, strain reliefs, hinges, and more


Case studies and related content

Real-life use is the truest test for our material technology. See how we’re tailoring our resin and thermoplastic solutions to specific electronic device applications.


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