Membrane Touch Switch Materials


Membrane Touch Switch Materials

Celanese offers a full range of materials for the membrane touch switch (MTS) market, allowing designers to strike the right balance between performance and cost.

The self-contained screen printed keyboard inside a membrane touch switch is constructed of several extremely thin layers. Innovative materials from Celanese that feature in the creation of these layers include silver conductors, silver/carbon conductors, ultra violet (UV) dielectrics and resistors that enable sophisticated multilayer designs.

Membrane touch switches are used in a broad array of industries ranging from  aerospace and military applications to consumer markets, where they’re featured in appliance switches, touch sensitive toys, computer keyboards and telephones, among other applications. They’re also used in industrial control systems, potentiometers and digitizers.

Key features of the membrane touch switch materials developed by Celanese Engineered Materials include:

• High conductivity
• Strong adhesion
• Flexibility
• High reliability
• Roll to roll processable
• Silver and carbon conductors and dielectrics available for a total system
• Fast curing

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