Proven polymers that combine tough durability with soft-touch comfort in a wide range of innovative wearables

From housings, brackets and watch bands to silky-smooth parts and components, our wearable technology material enables comfortable, reliable performance and flexible, sustainable design. We offer a broad portfolio of polymers, backed by extensive testing capabilities. Work with us to solve your next wearables challenge.


Our material chemistry creates ideal wearable components

Our performance polymers, resins and thermoplastics can be found in a broad spectrum of innovative wearables from smart/GPS watches, headsets, and activity trackers, to earbuds, AR/VR accessories, wearable healthcare devices and more. With our help, designers are bringing more performance, more comfort, and more environmentally friendly designs to the wearables segment every day.

Work with Celanese Engineered Materials and you’ll get more than research, development, and testing support, you’ll also receive in-depth technology know-how from our teams of engineers, scientists, and designers. We’ll collaborate with you to develop new solutions for lighter, stronger and more durable material for the wearables segment.

Key material solutions for wearables:

Unique, silky-soft touch and bonding to polar substrates such as polycarbonate and ABS

  • UV stability and chemical resistance in light and dark colors
  • Soft-touch comfort with resistance to sweat and sebum
  • Strain reliefs that offer bonding to ABS, colorability, and chemical resistance.
  • Cable jacket that provides impact noise dampening and excellent haptics
  • High stiffness, high toughness, and low-density for light weight and durable structural parts and components
  • Low-density grades of Zytel® polyamide enable weight savings of up to 30% and reduce fossil fuel use with 30% content sourced from bio feedstock

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