Electrical Components


Providing high-performance resins for electrical components to enable safe, reliable, flexible, and miniaturized working systems

We back our advanced material science and cutting-edge expertise with exclusive application development. Tap into us. We’ll help you innovate vital materials for electrical component applications in markets ranging from construction and transportation to consumer electronics and appliances. 


Electrical plastic components with Celanese resins are everywhere

Today, various markets across transportation, industrial, consumer electronics and building and construction demand increasingly more functional and reliable electrical components to safely maintain stable operations. To help, we bring advanced material solutions that possess superior insulation, flame retardance, hydrolysis resistance characters, and more. Let’s get started.



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Material solutions that advance mechanical and sealing quality

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Circuit breakers & contactors

More safety and reliability through materials with superior electrical and mechanical performance 

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Coil forms & transformers

Comprehensive offerings in EIS (Electrical Insulation Systems) that bring ultimate reliability and safety to overall systems

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Material innovations that drive solutions in sustainability, efficiency, lightweighting, NVH reduction, and thermal management


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Plugs, sockets & terminal blocks

Material technology leading to improved life cycle reliability, even in harsh conditions

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Switches & relays

Polymers that provide innovative technology in flame retardant solutions combined with excellent mechanical performance

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5G telecom base stations

Material science solutions that enable high-speed, high frequency 5G applications 

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Explore more components solutions for lighting, sensors, meters, and other applications

E&E polymer properties guide

A quick view guide to polymer properties and capabilities

Higher performance. Lower cost. Renewably sourced. Whatever your electrical polymer application wants and needs may be, get a quick start here. 

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From switches and relays to electric meters and batteries, we offer high-performance resins that drive proven results for reliable components and systems.