Coil Forms & Transformers


Proven material chemistry for wire containers and coil forms that require long-term safety, reliability and compliance

As investment in 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) continues to accelerate electrical infrastructure and device development, so too does the need for improved production efficiency and regulatory compliance. Our trusted polymers perform with reliable, safe and sustainable grades for coil forms, wire containers, and wire insulation materials.


Material properties that outpace market trends

More design flexibility, ease of processing, and more sustainable solutions are just a few of the trends driving today’s coil form, wire container, and transformer applications. Our broad portfolio of polymers and thermoplastics provide a wealth of options that address all these needs, while also offering NHFR solutions.

Additional key material properties/criteria for these applications:

• EIS (Electrical Insulation System) certificate and UL approval
• RTI (Relative Thermal Index)
• Mechanical strength
• High flowability for thin wall design


Case studies and related content

We offer more than 400 pre-tested, globally approved UL/IEC electrical insulation systems, backed by our material science experts. Let us help you build your next EIS. 


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