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Our cable insulation materials are at the core of strong, flexible, durable connections around the world

We combine global scientific leadership in specialty elastomers with unmatched collaborative and testing capabilities to help you engineer, process and deliver high-performing cable insulation material and cable jacket material. Talk to us. We offer cable expertise from transportation, power grid and appliances to industrial and telecom. 


Cable insulation and jacketing expertise that stretches for miles

As wireless as our world seems, we’re still all connected by more wire and cable than most will ever know. Communication and data transmission cables. Industrial, power and building infrastructure cables. Transportation cables ranging from automotive and EV/HEV to marine and rail. Key to keeping it all strong, flexible and protected is high-performance cable insulation material and cable jacket material made possible by the specialty elastomers of Celanese. Our expertise is deep. Our application footprint is wide. How can we help you?



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Communication cables

Chemistry enabling design flexibility, temperature resistance, easy handling, and installment solutions

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Materials for enhanced sustainability, durability, and design flexibility for cable uses in multiple industries

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Material solutions for thin, lightweight cables with excellent fatigue, thermal and hydrolysis resistance for every transport sector

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Explore advanced wire and cable solutions in various industries 


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From EV and rail to data and infrastructure, our elastomer material science can be found in a vast array of cable insulation material applications all over the world.