Communication Cables


Our advanced elastomers are leading the way to faster, low latency communication cables for the emerging 5G era

We offer high-performance elastomers specially formulated for use in both loose-tube and tight buffer optical fiber cable (OFC) applications for harsh outdoor environments. Our solutions can cover indoor/outdoor applications, while providing best-in-class communication cable quality even under extreme conditions.


5G-powered trends driving optical fiber materials

The ability to stream more and more data at speeds that are multiplying over shorter and shorter periods of time is a 5G reality. It’s a new digital frontier that’s driving end-user demand for premium quality, higher resolution. and increased processing power.

Likewise, new services are emerging from home telepresence video conferencing systems to on-demand video to 3-D television – all of which are pushing bandwidth requirements. Plus, upstream bandwidth promises to become even more important as cloud-based two-way video sharing gains more popularity.

These and other trends are combining with a market drive toward cost reduction, demonstrated performance, integration and broadband demand increases. It all points to more severe requirements and demands on the technical polymers you specify for your communication cable and optical fiber materials.

Fortunately, Celanese delivers with performance-based properties to drive your 5G-inspired communication fiber optic cable material applications further than ever before.

Key material properties/criteria for these applications:

• Extrusion ability and processability over a large range of line speed
• Excellent mechanical properties allowing thin wall construction
• Low signal attenuation – isotropic shrinkage, post shrinkage, and CLTE
• Durability and long-lasting performance
• Easier routing and lightweight solution
• Faster, easier assembly
• Smooth surface aspect


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