Increasing Consumer Control, Healthcare Provider Information

Celanese highly conductive inks, dielectric and fine line printing solutions enable new possibilities for eHealth product designers, including multi-layer stacking and miniaturization, novel stretchable and washable solutions for advanced smart garment sensors.


Silver/silver chloride and carbon screen formulations are designed for highly stable electrode systems for point-of-care applications such as blood glucose and blood coagulation test strips.


Low temperature curing gold ink are developed for highly inert electrode surfaces of immunodiagnostic and blood gas sensors.


Highly active platinum and platinized carbon compositions are also available.


Intexar is a new suite of stretchable, washable electronic ink and substrate materials that enable a manufacturing-ready approach to deliver superior comfort and functionality for smart clothing and other wearable electronics such as health patches.


Intexar inks and substrates are designed for exceptional stretch performance and endurance through multiple wash cycles.


Ideal Applications Include:

  • Wearable Health Monitoring and Therapy
  • Fitness Performance Clothing
  • Wearable Heat Smart Clothing

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