Seals and Gaskets


Seals, O-rings and Gaskets For Demanding Applications

Parts made with high-performance DuPont elastomers help engines and heavy equipment run longer, safer, cleaner and more efficiently.

Specialized, high-performance seals, O-rings and gaskets made from DuPont elastomers provide durable solutions for high heat and aggressive chemical uses.

They’re designed to help maintain performance, to help manufacturers comply with stricter standards and specifications, and to help reduce emissions and risk of unexpected downtime.

Meeting Key Challenges

In the automotive industry, increasingly stringent emissions regulations, the increase in manufacturer warranty times and the elevation in engine temperatures re-set the checklist for material properties.

For aerospace seals, the latest engine and equipment designs have prompted the need for more exacting solutions that combine high resistance with custom fit.

For the chemical processing industry, the focus is on improving uptime performance by reducing seal failures.

A Portfolio of Choices

From both a cost and longevity perspective, the broad DuPont elastomer portfolio provides customers more ways to collaborate to meet changing technology, regulatory and marketplace demands.

Let’s take a look at these proven performers.

  • Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer parts are used for extreme chemical and temperature demands in the chemical process and aerospace industries.
  • Vamac® ethylene acrylic elastomer is the elastomer of choice for automotive applications, such as automatic transmissions, as a result of excellent performance in automatic transmission fluids (ATF) and engine seals, such as rocker cover gaskets and oil pan gaskets.


The broad DuPont elastomer portfolio provides seals and gaskets for demanding applications.


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