High Reliability


Improving Reliability, Conductivity, and Compatibility

Micromax™ brings over 50 years of materials science expertise in developing thousands of conductor, dielectric and resistor compositions designed to perform specific functions. Customers look to us to apply our extensive knowledge to create innovative, high-quality materials that will perform well no matter how demanding the application. These materials as well as Micromax™ GreenTape™ for Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic enable satellite communications, aerospace, defense/homeland security applications across the 1-120 GHz frequency spectrum.

Key Applications:


Satellite and flight hardware

Airborne radar and flight avionics

Military communications applications

Naval and ground-based radar

Fired-on Thick Film Materials

For mission critical applications, Micromax™ thick film materials offer the highest reliability and highest performance for applications that cannot fail.  Conductor systems designed to meet all of your needs from wirebonding to soldering to brazing.  The systems are compatible with resistor and dielectrics to meet all of your design and performance needs.  

Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics

The GreenTape™ systems provide the lowest loss for optimal performance in satellite communications, ground and air-based radar, and flight electronics.  The multilayer dielectric system allows for 3-D design and module build to maximize space and performance.  


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