Medical tubing made with DuPont™ Hytrel®

Case Study
Case Study
Medical Plastic Tubing | Hytrel®


Kink-proof Medical Tubing Keeps Gases and Liquids Flowing

Smooth-Bor® tubing made with DuPontHytrel® thermoplastic polyester elastomer provides highly reliable service as reusable, sterilizable tubing for respiratory therapy and shows potential for high-performance industrial applications as well.

Application Description

Smooth-Bor® tubing is an innovative kink-resistant design consisting of a thin, transparent tube with a robust, cream-colored helical bead on its outer surface. Typical medical applications for Smooth-Bor® products made of Hytrel® include breathing tubes for respiratory therapy, sleep apnea treatment, anesthesia administration, and evacuation of smoke produced during cautery surgery.

In industrial or food-processing equipment, potential applications could take advantage of the combination of flexibility, chemical, oil and solvent resistance, flex life, low-temperature toughness and high-temperature capabilities of Hytrel® plus the kink resistance, transparency and other benefits derived from the special construction of Smooth-Bor® tubing.

Smooth-Bor® tubing using Hytrel® is made with inside diameters from 10 to 38 mm (0.394 to 1.50 in.). Maximum length, which depends on tube diameter, ranges up to 305 cm (120 in.). End fittings are either an integral part of the tubing or separate parts made of silicone rubber or Hytrel® that are adhesive-bonded to the tubing.

Benefits Gained

  • Withstands sterilization. Hytrel® can take repeated sterilization with steam, ethylene oxide or radiation.
  • Combats kinks. The integrally beaded structure provides effective protection against kinking.
  • Light weight eases handling. Smooth-Bor® tubing made with Hytrel® weighs less than comparable silicone rubber tubing.
  • Promotes efficient flow. Smooth-Bor® tubing has a smooth inner wall that promotes laminar flow for efficient fluid transfer at minimum pressure.
  • Shows what's flowing. The transparent, thin-film sections of the tubing provide a clear view of the interior, showing obstructions for example.

Materials Selected and Why

Smooth-Bor Plastics relies on a Hytrel® grade that fulfills requirements for flexibility, compliance with rigorous purity standards, toughness and resistance to flex fatigue, to a wide range of chemicals and to traditional medical sterilization procedures.


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