High-performance footwear with Zytel® and the BOA Fit System 

Case Study

Dialing in a precise fit for high-performance footwear 

Adjusting the fit of high-performance footwear like ski boots, hiking boots and running shoes can be challenging, especially while out in the elements and unpredictable terrain.

The BOA Fit System can integrated into many products, including snowboard boots.

That’s why BOA® Technology created the BOA Fit System. Comprised of a micro-adjustable dial, super-strong, lightweight laces, and low-friction lace guides, each component is engineered to deliver a fast, effortless, and precision fit on the fly.

BOA’s customers have integrated the system into their products, from snowboard boots and cycling and running shoes, allowing athletes and outdoor enthusiasts to them to perform at peak levels.


New markets, new requirements, new partner

As BOA expanded from the outdoor industry into new, more-demanding industry sectors like medical bracing and workwear boots, they faced a diverse yet more-rigid set of new requirements. They began looking for improved polymeric materials and suppliers for its dial platforms. 

Zytel® nylon resins allow BOA shoe dials to be impact-resistant and function well in the cold.

The BOA Fit System. Comprised of a micro-adjustable For these components, BOA sought out a global plastics manufacturer that could provide exceptional engineered polymers able to surpass its existing materials in performance properties including high impact strength, colorability, weatherability, and moisture and high/low temperature resistance.

This manufacturer also needed to provide robust application development and technical support for future products.


The Solution: Zytel® impact-modified polyamide 66

BOA found the perfect partner in DuPont and Zytel® impact-modified polyamide 66. The

dial mechanisms need to be strong and wear resistant. Zytel® nylon resins meet these demands with a balance of stiffness and impact resistance, excellent surface finish and colorability, dimensional stability and weather resistance.

Because the BOA offers a lifetime guarantee on its dials and laces, it was vital to have a high level of confidence in DuPont’s material quality and consistency. This trust was a primary reason why BOA chose DuPont as a key footwear materials supplier. 

From the dial to the laces and lace guides, DuPont™ Zytel® helps make the BOA Fit System possible.

DuPont worked closely with BOA’s designers to fully understand their needs and provide a wide range of expertise. 


The future is dialed in

The high quality of the BOA Fit System incorporating DuPont materials has established BOA the market leader in snowboarding, cycling, golf and safety footwear. BOA’s share of the trail and court footwear markets is also growing thanks to their systems’ reputation for quality.

Looking ahead, BOA is working closely with DuPont to explore and implement sustainable materials for the future. The company has committed to using recycled or sustainably sourced materials in 100 percent of its products by 2027. 


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