Enhancing Safety and Comfort of ICEs and EVs Under Tough Conditions

Designed to provide the highest levels of reliability and performance with total system cost in mind, automotive electronics thick film and ceramic film solutions from DuPont offer design freedom to manufacturers, backed by the expertise of a global technology leader.

InMold Electronics

DuPont’s complete system of conductive and dielectric materials can be used to construct ergonomically-friendly control surfaces with 3D circuits that feature capacitive switches and LED lighting for applications such as touch-panel control interfaces in automobiles and appliances. DuPont’s unique IME inks enable touch control, heating capabilities, and lighting functions to be directly printed on plastic sheets which are then thermoformed and injection molded, embedding electronic circuitry in plastic.

Power Electronics

DuPont interconnection and packaging materials for power modules comprise metal sinter pastes for power semiconductor die and heat sink attach and highly conductive thick film metallisations for circuit patterning on ceramic substrates like AL2O3, AlN and Si3N4.


Designers can turn to DuPont’s Microcircuit and Component Materials division for expertise and materials that allow integration of heater patterns directly onto metallic substrates like stainless steel (HEATEL) and aluminum (AS System). There is also a wide portfolio of materials that allow heater patterns to be applied on polymeric substrates that are stretchable, thermoformable and back injection moldable.


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