Enabling Smaller, More Complex and Powerful Designs

The performance of everything electronic—from autonomous cars and manufacturing processes to telecommunications and toys—depends on reliable passive components.
Celanese product portfolio gives you access to innovative materials that free your designs so you can make resistors, capacitors, and inductors smaller, more complex, and more powerful than ever.

Key Applications:


Chip Resistor


Tantalum Capacitor

Multilayer Chip Inductor

Chip Resistor

Celanese materials enable tighter tolerance and performance of smaller chip components, and high precision and robustness for more complex and demanding applications such as automotive, infrastructure, and specialties

Resistor families from Celanese offer:

  • Tight resistivity and TCR control on small chip sizes
  • Excellent power handling performance
  • Superior field reliability
  • Cost effective manufacturing processes
  • Sustainable Lead-free systems

MLCCs (Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors) are widely and increasingly used in electronic devices.  Some applications require that MLCCs be resistant to greater flex stress of board handling without change in their functional properties.  Celanese offers polymer silver pastes with high bend strength for critical devices like automotive.


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