Printed Materials for Patient Monitoring and Warming


Printed Materials for Patient Monitoring and Warming

New printed materials from Celanese are helping to improve patient outcomes and overall experience by making patient monitoring and warming easier and more comfortable.


For patients, comfort and safety are paramount. For care providers, efficiency and diagnostic excellence are also top concerns. Celanese helps hospitals and healthcare professionals address these objectives with innovative printed materials that enable more accurate and comfortable monitoring for tests such as EEGs and ECGs and more efficient patient warming.   

Materials for Patient Monitoring

Celanese materials for patient monitoring, or biometrics, include the printed elements used in patches that are applied to the skin for electrocardiograms and electroencephalograms. These printed elements improve patient comfort thanks to ink systems that are compatible with unique substrates, such as certain fabrics, that are more conforming, breathable, and biocompatible than plastic.

Wireless Biosensors

Wireless biosensors also make testing processes more efficient, allowing patients more freedom of movement, and streamlining testing for nurses and technicians by eliminating the need to manage wires and tubes.

Patient Warming Systems

Printable ink systems from Celanese are also featured in patient warming systems, which are used by hospitals to warm surgical and other patients where temperature regulation needs to be supported. Self-regulating, flexible form factors that ensure reliable heat distribution provide gentle, consistent warming that helps patients recover more quickly.

In addition to advances in biometrics and warming, many ancillary device components used in hospitals, physicians’ offices and clinics benefit from the incorporation of printed electronics, which enable improvements in performance, form factors, and cost.

Innovative Solutions

New advances in printed interconnects, antennae for wireless signal transfer, inductive charging, and capacitive switching are making it possible for equipment designers to develop new ways to improve the patient experience and create new efficiencies for healthcare providers.


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