Conductive Materials for Hybrid Circuits

DuPont offers a complete set of conductors covering a broad application spectrum.

Designed to deliver the best reliability/performance vs. system level cost, these materials enable more cost-effective manufacturing processes, including fine line printing, 30 or 60 minute firing profiles, co-fireability and unprecedented field reliability.

The conductors allow several different interconnect strategies, ranging from 25-micron gold wirebond to heavy gauge aluminum wirebond, wedge bond, ribbon bond, ball grid array (BGA), flip chips, and more.

Conductors for alumina substrates from DuPont include:
  • Silver, silver-based alloys (Pd and Pt), platinum, gold and gold-based alloys (Pd and Pt)
  • Specific conductors for fine line subtractive processes (laser ablation, etching)

These conductors are co-fireable or sequentially fireable.

In addition, DuPont conductors for glass substrates offer these benefits:
  • Compliance with REACH and RoHS substance restriction directives
  • High-conductivity systems that are ideally suited for bus-bars
  • Blendable, solderable systems ideally suited for defogger/defroster applications

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